Earthsong Art
Rebecca Uhler

 Artists Links

Kelly S. Berger:
Scientific illustration and wildlife art. Kelly works in a variety of media; her favorites include pen and ink, watercolor and scratchboard.

Therese Brosseau:
Natural science illustrator specializing in the scientific, botanical, zoological and wildlife illustrations. Therese also offers fine art and creative services for exhibits, journals, brochures, educational materials, field guides and text books.

Sue Burrus: Illustrator and educator, specializing in natural science illustration in graphite, gouache, watercolor, pen and ink and colored pencil.

Liz Ewings: Fine art and scientific illustration.

Elizabeth Halfacre: Visual artist and educator working in mixed-media collage, printmaking and freelance illustration.

Susan Jones: Natural science illustrator and Fine artist: Susan seeks to translate the beauty of nature into two dimensions for your examination and delight.
Wendy Elizabeth Krill: Natural science illustrator. Specializing in educational, research-based and 
fine-art works.
Bart Rulon: Wildlife painter, photographer and author. Bart focuses on wildlife and landscape subjects, specializing in birds.
Linda Ann Vorobik, PhD: Botanist, editor and botanical illustrator. Dr. Vorobik specializes in botanical illustration and plant systematics, and offers many workshops throughout the year.



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